Tooth Replacement

If you’re ready to replace your missing tooth or teeth for a full, beautiful smile that’s as functional as it is attractive, speak with our team about tooth replacement options.

Are you missing teeth as a result of gum disease? Even one empty space in your mouth can cause feelings of embarrassment and discomfort while chewing and speaking.

What Is Tooth Replacement?

At Ultimate Dental Studio  we are as concerned with bringing your mouth back to full function and aesthetic brilliance as we are with treating underlying diseases and removing infection. Tooth replacement is a surgical procedure that completes the empty space. If your bones are strong and healthy, we may choose to replace your tooth with a dental implant. Or, if you have weak or damaged bones, Dr. Jeff Kim, DDS may first rebuild your bone through bone restoration before considering implants.

In addition, alternative solutions include dentures and dental bridges. Periodontist Dr. Jeff Kim will perform a thorough examination and will use digital imaging, such as a CT scan, for a more detailed look at your oral structure. Our team will then discuss your options with you and create a plan tailored to completing your smile for a natural finish.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Replacement?

Tooth loss is a common effect of periodontal disease. As plaque hardens on your teeth and moves deeper into your gums and surrounding tissue, the result often includes the deterioration of soft tissue and bone. Once the healthy support for your teeth diminishes, teeth become loose and either fall out or require surgical removal to restore your mouth to good health. Though you may have achieved a mouth free of plaque and disease, sometimes additional work is required to bring your mouth back to full function. Consider the following benefits of replacing missing teeth if you’re not sure whether tooth replacement is right for you:

  • Improved speaking
  • A complete, beautiful smile you can feel proud to reveal
  • Comfortable, effective chewing for enjoyable eating and better nutrition
  • Prevention of misaligned teeth, which often occurs as your bite shifts in response to a missing tooth

Do I need Tooth Replacement?

Are you missing one or more teeth? Is your mouth healthy and free of periodontal disease? If you would like to restore the function and the appearance of your smile, tooth replacement can quickly and dramatically improve your quality of life.

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