Ultimate Dental Technology Port Orange

At the Ultimate Dental Studio we stay on the leading edge of current technology.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Jeff Kim is a pioneer in incorporating Dexis, ® a digital radiography system. His office now offers the newest Dexis Platinum® sensor with double the resolution for more accurate images. The excellent sensitivity of the equipment allows us to use much lower levels of radiation compared to film and to obtain instant results. The images can be displayed on a large monitor for the patient to review, printed out like a photograph or be e-mailed to other dentists for consultation world wide if necessary. This is a “Green” technology. Unlike film, it does not require, toxic chemicals and heavy metals are not a byproduct of digital x-rays.

E4D System®

The Ultimate Dental Studio is proud to announce that we are the first in this area to obtain the E4D system. This system is the newest piece of technology that is changing the way dentists will practice in the future. Our machine allows us to use CAD/CAM technology to digitally capture images of your teeth and create crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers in the office while you watch. The old fashioned way required taking messy impressions of the teeth, placing a temporary cap or filling, waiting weeks for fabrication by a dental laboratory, then fitting and adjusting the final restoration. This can now be done in-house in a matter of a couple hours and at a level of incredible precision.

BioLase® Dental Laser

The dental soft tissue laser is a breakthrough in technology. This ultra-versatile system is compact and powerful yet safe. In many cases it can replace the use of a scalpel and sutures and it allows us to use comfortable and minimally invasive dentistry. There is reduced need for injections, sutures with minimal swelling, bleeding and post-operative discomfort. It is simply amazing.

Intra Oral Camera

See what the Dentist sees. This miniature camera with lights is about the size of a toothbrush and can show you the teeth close up. Even the smallest details can be seen on the flat screen monitor for you to evaluate. This piece of modern technology gives life to the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

In Office Tooth Bleaching and Take Home Kits

Within 30 to 60 minutes your teeth can be up to 12 shades lighter with little or no sensitivity. Come relax in a comfortable chair while we improve your appearance. The system also includes a take home touch-up kit at no additional charge.

Please note: This is no “Kiosk” or “Mall” whitening kit. This is a professional strength system that requires a dental license to purchase.

Laser Cavity Detection

We use the ultra sophisticated Kavo DIAGNOdent® wand to root out cavities which can be hidden to the naked eye and even to x-rays. It is an accurate, reliable caries detection aid. More and more patients place value on healthy and attractive teeth. In order to maintain them, the earliest possible care is essential. DIAGNOdent aids in the detection of caries. Even very small lesions are detected at the earliest stage, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth structure.

Identafi 3000® Oral Cancer Detection

We care about your overall health. Most people are surprised to learn that one American dies every hour from oral cancer. In fact, recent statistics published by the American Cancer Society indicate that while the incidence and death rates for cancers overall has decreased, oral cancer has increased by 5.5% and the death rate has increased by 1.5%. Equally surprising is that oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it is caught early. Oral cancer is far too often discovered in late stage, and treatments often results in disfiguring effects on patients which seriously compromise their quality of life. Early detection and diagnosis can make a tremendous difference in life expectancy; oral cancer is 90% curable when found in its early stages. Unfortunately, 70% of oral cancers are diagnosed in the late stages, III and IV, leading to a five-year survival rate of 57%.

At Ultimate Dental Studio, we offer a painless oral cancer screening that takes only a few minutes to complete and may be covered by your dental or medical insurance. Identafi uses technology that has proven successful in identifying soft tissue abnormalities in other areas of the body. A oral cancer screening is important for all patients.