Periodontal Maintenance

What Is A Periodontal Maintenance Therapy?

If you have periodontal disease, you may require scaling and root planing to remove the diseased deposits from the roots and teeth, which is the most conservative approach for treatment. Other treatment, including surgery, may also be required. After the disease process is under control, a regular cleaning is no longer appropriate. Instead, you will require special ongoing gum and bone care procedures, known as Periodontal Maintenance Therapy, to keep the disease under control and keep your mouth healthy.

After Dr. Jeff Kim has completed the active phase of periodontal treatment, your periodontal disease will be under control. He will provide you with a personalized maintenance program of care to keep your gums healthy.

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy is an ongoing and personalized program designed to prevent the spread of disease in the gum tissue and surrounding bone that supports your teeth. Periodontal Maintenance Therapy is essential for removing the plaque and calculus (tartar) that form above and below the gum-line. Plaque is a sticky bio-film of bacteria that constantly attacks your gums and teeth, and when not removed, hardens to form a rough deposit known as calculus. No matter how carefully you clean your teeth and gums at home plaque is constantly forming and can cause a recurrence of Periodontal Disease within two to four months of a professional cleaning. How is Periodontal Maintenance Therapy different from a typical dental cleaning? A typical dental cleaning (prophylaxis) is performed on patients that have not had treatment for Periodontal Disease, and are not at high risk for tooth loss due to Periodontal Disease. What is included in Periodontal Maintenance Therapy? Is distinctly different and is utilized for patients who have had periodontal treatment. It is ongoing treatment for periodontitis which is chronic and non- curable bacterial infection. At each Periodontal Maintenance visit an assessment is made of your periodontal health by measuring the depths of the pockets around the teeth, scaling the teeth to remove bacterial plaque and calculus, reviewing your plaque control efficiency at home, taking any necessary x-rays to evaluate teeth and supporting structures, and evaluating your need for further treatment.
How often should you have Periodontal Maintenance Therapy?
The extent and type of your Periodontal Disease, and your healing ability, will determine the frequency of your maintenance visits. Your response to therapy is influenced by the effectiveness of your plaque control, the different rates of plaque growth, and factors that increase your risk of Periodontal Disease, such as smoking. The interval between your Periodontal Maintenance Therapy visits varies with a recommendation of three, four or six months, depending on your needs as identified by your Doctor Research has shown that treatment within a 3 month period is most effective in reducing the risk of future bone or tooth loss. THE BEST WAY to prevent Periodontal Disease and tooth loss is to follow the recommendations in your individual Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Program.

During your maintenance visits, our doctors will discuss with you any changes that may have occurred in your health history. We will examine your mouth for any abnormal changes and measure the depth of the gum pockets around your teeth.

Seeing you gives us the opportunity to evaluate your home oral hygiene and to instruct you in ways that may improve your results. We will clean your teeth to remove the bacterial plaque and calculus and will take the x-rays necessary to evaluate your teeth and the bone supporting them.

We’ll examine your teeth for signs of decay and any other dental problems that may have developed and check the way your teeth fit together when you bite down. We’ll also apply or prescribe medications to counteract tooth sensitivity or other problems that you may be experiencing.

We are always committed to taking only those x-rays that are necessary for your care. Because x-rays reveal areas of the teeth that are not visible to the naked eye, they enable early detection of disease, which allows for the quickest possible treatment. For that reason, we use x-rays to help us continue to evaluate and maintain your periodontal health.
Periodontal disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults in the United States and now has been associated with many other health risks such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well. Once you have experienced gum disease, it is important to remain dedicated to a permanent schedule of proper home and professional oral care because only regular treatment will maintain your oral health.

The care you receive through periodontal maintenance therapy can offset the necessity of more extensive periodontal care, the need for implants due to the loss of teeth, and the hardship and cost of additional health concerns.

Through proper periodontal treatment and an ongoing program of periodontal maintenance therapy, our doctors can give you the opportunity to maintain your strong and beautiful smile and overall good health for a lifetime.