Laser Dentistry

Port Orange Dentist Dr. Jeff Kim is one of the finest periodontists, cosmetic dentists and general dentists in the Daytona Beach area and is now offering patients laser dentistry, which is a special type of dentistry that uses a unique laser light to treat a wide array of cavities and dental decay.

Experienced Dentist in Port Orange Florida, Dr. Jeff Kim, DDS  is treating patients with more precision and efficiency with recent advancements in dental technology.  New laser devices enables cosmetic Dentist  Dr. Kim, to provide the best possible care in his office.

port orange laser dentistLaser dentistry is a form of dentistry that allows for the treatment of highly specific areas by laser without damaging the surrounding tissues. For years lasers have been used in dentistry to treat a number of dental problems and they continue to improve and grow in popularity. Dr. Kim, cosmetic dentist in Port Orange, is proud to utilize laser dentistry to provide his patients with best in exceptional dental health care.

The use of lasers allows your Port Orange Dentist Dr. Jeff Kim to perform procedures quicker, more effectively and more comfortably than ever before. This makes treatment time shorter and allows Jeff Kim to make his patients comfortable while they are receiving treatment. From routine cleanings to more advanced procedures such as root canal therapy, Dr. Kim can successfully treat his patients and provide them with a more relaxed dental experience.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of a variety of hard and soft tissue lasers for use in the dental treatments of adults and children. Hard tissue lasers have a wavelength that is highly absorb-able by hydroxyapatite and water, which makes them more effective for cutting through tooth structure. The primary use of hard tissue lasers is to cut unto bone and teeth with extreme precision. They are often used in prepping or shaping the teeth for composite bonding, the removal of small amounts of tooth structure and the repair of certain worn down dental fillings.

Soft tissue lasers consist of a wavelength that is absorb-able by water and hemoglobin, which is oxygenating protein in red blood cells. This makes soft tissue lasers more effective for soft tissue management. Soft tissue lasers penetrate the soft tissue while sealing blood vessels and nerve endings. This is the primary reason why many people experience virtually no post-operative pain following the use of a laser and allow the tissues to heal faster.

From routine cleanings to dental implants in Port Orange, patients turn to Dr. Jeff Kim for the most up-to-date procedures and treatments. Laser dentistry represents an innovative and more precise technology for specific hard and soft tissue procedures, further proving Dr. Kim’s commitment to providing patients with a more relaxed dental experience.