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By Ultimate Dental Studio
January 31, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you're thinking about getting dental implants, you may be curious about how long it might take. The answer depends on the health of your supporting bone.

Bone is an integral part of implant functionality as bone cells gradually grow and adhere to the newly placed implant to give it its characteristic strength. The implant also requires an adequate amount of bone to accurately position it for the best appearance outcome.

If the bone is sufficient and healthy, we can proceed with the surgical placement of the implant. The most common practice following surgery is to allow a few weeks for the bone integration described previously to take place before finally attaching the crown. With an alternative known as a “tooth in one day” procedure, we install a crown right after surgery, which gives you a full smile when you leave.

There's one caveat to this latter method, though—because the implant still requires bone integration, this immediate crown is temporary. It's designed to receive no pressure from biting or chewing, which could damage the still integrating implant. We'll install the permanent crown after the implant and bone have had time to fully mesh.

So, if your supporting bone is sound, the complete implant process may only take a few weeks. But what if it's not—what if you've lost bone and don't have enough to support an implant? In that case, the length of process time depends on the severity of the bone loss and if we're able to overcome it. In some cases, we can't, which means we'll need to consider a different restoration.

But it's often possible to regenerate lost bone by grafting bone material at the implant site. If the bone loss is moderate, it may take 2 to 4 months of regrowth after grafting before we can perform implant surgery. If it's more significant or there's disease damage to the socket, it may take longer, usually 4 to 6 months. It largely depends on the rate of bone regeneration.

In a nutshell, then, the health of your jaw's supporting bone has a lot to do with whether the implant process will take a few weeks or a few months. Regardless of the time, though, you'll gain the same result—new, functional teeth and a more attractive smile.

If you would like more information on dental implant restorations, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Implant Timelines for Replacing Missing Teeth.”

January 27, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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If your teeth are decayed, severely damaged, or missing, it's time to make your dental health a priority. With dental implants, you can not only improve your oral wellness but restore your smile, boosting both the health and appearance of your teeth.

Your dentist at J Kim Periodontics in Port Orange can help you achieve a smile you are proud to show off and make brushing, biting, and eating more comfortable with dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent, screw-like posts used to replace the root of a missing tooth. The implant is fitted with a natural-looking artificial tooth so your smile is complete. Dental implants are permanent, so they require no removal for cleaning or sleeping and feel completely natural.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants have many benefits, both from a health and appearance perspective. By filling the void from a missing tooth or one that requires extraction due to damage or decay, a dental implant prevents the spread of infection and offers jaw support. You will also be able to chew and brush more easily so you can maintain good nutrition and oral health.

Because dental implants are inconspicuous, no one can tell they aren't your natural teeth. Your dentist at our Port Orange office will use an artificial tooth-shaped, tinted, and sized to match the rest of your teeth so your smile looks consistent.

What is the procedure for dental implants?

Your dentist at our Port Orange office will begin by applying a local anesthetic so you are comfortable during the procedure, and then make a small incision in your gum to secure the implant into your jaw bone so it is securely in place. The bone will begin to grow around the implant, permanently attaching it. An artificial tooth will be custom made and secured to the top of the implant. You may experience some soreness after the procedure, and your dentist may recommend an over the counter pain killer and eating soft foods for a few days.

Once healed, you can brush and floss your dental implant as you would your natural teeth. Make sure to schedule regular professional cleanings and exams with your dentist at our Port Orange office.

Call our Port Orange office today at 386-322-4867 to learn more about dental implants.

March 09, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Dr. Jeff Kim of Ultimate Dental Studio in Port Orange, FL, can help you restore your missing teeth with long-lasting dental implants. Innovative implants offer the latest way to replace teeth lost due to injuries, decay, infections and other dental issues. Do you need a little information about dental implants before you decide which restoration option is right for you? Taking a look at these frequently asked questions may help you make your decision.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are synthetic roots that work just like your natural tooth roots. Implants are made of titanium, a metal capable of bonding to bone. It's the same metal used in hip and knee replacements and other surgical procedures. The implants are placed in your jawbone during minor surgery.

As soon as your dental implant is firmly attached to your jawbone, a process that takes several months, it's paired with a dental crown to restore your tooth. A dental crown is an artificial tooth made of a variety of materials, including porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic or resin.

Why is replacing missing teeth so important?

A missing tooth affects more than just your appearance. Chewing and biting become more difficult whether you've lost one tooth or all of them. If you have several missing teeth, you may not be able to chew foods thoroughly.

Your teeth also help support each other. When one tooth is lost, the other teeth may start to shift as they attempt to fill the gap in your smile. Unfortunately, drifting can ruin the alignment of your smile and alter your bite. Replacing your lost tooth as soon as possible can help you avoid these issues.

Am I a good candidate for implants?

Dental implants are an excellent choice for many people. Your dentist will consider the depth of your jawbone. If it's too shallow, bone grafts may help deepen it.

Do dental implants offer any special benefits?

Implants help you keep your jawbone strong by constantly stimulating the bone. (If the bone shrinks after tooth loss, loose teeth and facial sagging can occur.) Dental implants are long-lasting and may last your entire life with proper care.

Restore your smile with dental implants Call your dentist in Port Orange, FL, Dr. Kim of Ultimate Dental Studio, at (386) 322-4867 to schedule your appointment.

April 11, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Discover the amazing long-term benefits of dental implants from our Port Orange dental office.

Have you lost one or more teeth? If so, then our Port Orange dentist, Dr. Jeff Kim, has a solution that could help you get your smile back dental implanton track! Read on to find out what dental implants can do for you.


What are dental implants?

An implant is a titanium “tooth root” that is designed to support a crown or set of false teeth to restore gaps in your smile. With the ability to replace one, several, or all of your teeth, implants can support everything from crowns to full dentures. In order for an implant to work, we will first need to map out exactly where the implant will be placed in the jawbone. From there, a small hole will be drilled into the bone and the implant will be inserted.

About 3-6 months after the placement of the implant the jawbone and titanium “root” will naturally fuse together to become one. Once this is complete, the implant is meant to last the rest of your life with the proper care and maintenance.


Who is a good candidate for implants?

The health and longevity of your implant relies on you. Yes, this titanium restoration is durable and strong, but, if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene, the implant can be damaged or even fail. This means that you need to be dedicated to your long-term oral health!

Good candidates for dental implants will not only have good oral health but also maintain good general health. Since implants require minor surgery, we will need to make sure that you are in the best health. Those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease may not be right for this restoration. It’s important to talk with our dentist to find out whether implants are right for you.


Interested? Give us a call!

Are you ready to kiss your tooth loss goodbye? If you’re looking for the next best thing to a real tooth, it’s time to call Ultimate Dental Studio in Port Orange, FL. Schedule your consultation today at (386) 322-4867.

July 11, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental ImplantsAre you suffering from the loss of teeth? Do you want an aesthetically more attractive smile? If the answer is yes, then you need to speak with your Port Orange, FL, dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Kim, about dental implants.

Dental implants are made up of a titanium post that is surgically inserted into your jaws to replace your missing tooth root. Dental implants help stabilize, strengthen, and prevent weakening and shrinking of your jawbone. The next step involves sealing your gums and allowing 3 to 6 months for osseointegration, the process in which the titanium post fuses to the jawbone, to occur.

You will then need to come back to the dentist's office in Port Orange so that the dentist can re-open the area above the titanium post, insert a screw, place an abutment above the screw and secure a crown on top that matches the rest of your teeth.

Having a great smile isn't the only advantage dental implants provide:

  • A dental implant can restore one tooth, a few teeth or all of your teeth.
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed in place, so they don't fall out.
  • The dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • They can restore bite and chewing function.

Like the rest of your teeth, make sure you brush your teeth and floss every day. You have to brush at least twice a day and, for at least two minutes each, and floss at least once before bedtime.

Also, a change in diet may benefit your dental health. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and avoiding sugary foods to prevent accumulation of plaque is good preventative dentistry. Make sure you drink plenty of water that will remove food debris and help avoid cavities.

Dental implants are expensive, but are a great investment that can last a lifetime. If you have more questions about dental implants, call Dr. Kim in Port Orange, FL, at (386) 322-4867.